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House Of Healin Franchise Business

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House Of Healin Franchise Business

“In life, What Sometimes Appears To Be The End Is Really A New Beginning”

Eastern Biotech Resources Sdn Bhd(EBRSB) group started business in 1996 after years of scientific research conducted on marine organism. This breakthrough biotechnology research leads to the birth of “HOUSE OF HEALIN” by Prof Dato Dr Hassan Yaacob who is an academician by profession, scientist by choice and entrepreneur by chance. His commitment and dedication in producing high quality products emphasizes the power of natures and a gift of rejuvenation.

HOUSE OF HEALIN introduces a wide range of products namely food products, beauty and skin care as well as personal hygiene for all age groups.

Healin : The secret to the effectiveness of Healin food products lays in the marine Gamodulin® - an active substance that helps to stimulate normal growth, regenerate and accelerate the repair of aged and injured muscle, skin collagen, bone and cartilage, nerve tissues and immune system, thus aiding total rejuvenation of the body. AG2000 : This skincare brand uses the latest and advanced skincare technology from marine extracts. It is proven to be safe and effective for all skin types of both
men and women. AG2000 is the most impressive skin care of today; a treatment and maintenance system with the capability of enhancing the skin immune system,
providing optimum effects.

Customers are one of the greatest asset a company can have. We are committed to achieving the highest standards of customer care across all levels and departments within the company. Our customer service/customer care is grouped in
territory needs.

House of Healin holds the needs of customer in high regard, and our objective is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in all markets. This encompasses the entire process from manufacturing and planning to distribution and warehousing to customer delivery and responsiveness. Furthermore, House of Healin also has in place a customer complaint management system, within which customer complaints are noted and carefully investigated.

House of Healin is in the process of consolidating its distribution base by finalizing long-term partnership in Asia, Middle East, Japan, Europe and USA. The division of operations has allowed us to increase the focus on each specific segment of our business, from improving our product quality to increasing sales and marketing. By following our corporate philosophy of vision and team work, we are building our future on full satisfaction and success. Our commitment to excellence founded in value, quality and customer service distinguish House of Healin from other organizations. We aim to be the leader in high-tech health & skincare products. To this end, the future will bring a variety of new products in the healthcare and beauty sector. The major goal for the future is the establishment of a new series of health supplement and skincare branded as a premier healthcare brand internationally.


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